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Fergus Black

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Fergus Black

-> Identity :

Last Name : Black
First Name (and middle name) : Fergus Julius
Gender : Male
Age : 17
House : Gryffindor
Student or Teacher? : 7th year student
Electives : Apparition, Alchemy and Study of Ancient Runes.

-> Appearance :

Height : 6 foot
Eyes : Green, deep
Hair : Brown, curly, a bit wild
Skin : A bit pale
Shape : Athletic
Particularities : None

-> History :

Family : He's a descendant of the Black family, one of the 28 sacred families of Pure-Bloods. However, that's only from his father's side, since his mother is a muggle-born witch, named Eva Peters. His father is Julius Black, cousin of Sirius Black and Regulus Arcturus Black.
Biography :
Fergus Julius Black, son of Julius Black and Eva Peters, is a proud member of one of the sacred twenty-eight families of pure-blooded wizards, and he always found that laughable. Blood pureness, in the wizarding world,
is a subject often avoided, mainly because of the way people see it. Pure-bloods are supposed to be better at magic than other wizards, but being a pure blood only means that both of your parents are wizards. And that's how Fergus,
born from a witch and a wizard, kept the Black's on the list of the sacred twenty-eight's. Even though half of his blood,
his mother's side, was born in a family full of muggles. Pure-blood...

As a child, Fergus was raised in a happy family. He lived in the Black mansion, taken over by his father after the battle of Hogwart. Julius Black was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, who helped the order plan a lot of the attacks against Voldemort. Julius was way younger than his cousin Sirius, but went to school with Bill Weasley, from 1982 to 1989. Bill, as a matter of fact, was chosen to be his godfather, Fleur De la Cour being his godmother. During his childhood, Fergus was really good friends with Victoire Weasley, Bill's daughter, and knew very well her two younger siblings, Dominique and Louis. He often played with them, their favorite activity being playing quidditch on their small brooms. He and Victoire were really good at it, but were also truly competitive, always wanting to win against the other.

On july 31st, 2011, only two months after turning eleven, Fergus received a letter to confirm his acceptance at Hogwart, the school of witchcraft and wizardry that pretty much every single person he knew went to. Being the same age as Victoire, they were eager to go buy their books on Diagon Alley, and their whole families were there with them.
It was a big event, the first witch and wizard in the families! When they went to Ollivander's to buy their wands,
Fergus received a beautiful pine wand with a phoenix's wing feather as a core. Its handle looked like it was a made with dragon's scales and there were runes growing in a spiral along the shaft.

A month later, on September first, Fergus and Victoire went to King's Cross, accompanied by Teddy Lupin, which was going to his second year at the school. They took the Hogwart Express together and, when they arrived, were sorted in their houses. Fergus was sent straight to Gryffindor, as Victoire was sorted into Hufflepuff, just like Teddy the year before. The year went on pretty normally. Both of them made friends in their respective houses, while staying good friends outside of their common rooms. Black was pretty good at school and the teachers seemed to like him quite enough. As he often won points for the gryffindor house, he was pretty popular and a lot of people liked him.

His second year was the one he couldn't wait to start. He spent the whole year practicing quidditch with Victoire and his father, because he desperately wanted to be part of the Lion team (Gryffindir's quidditch team is often called the Lions). As the year started, he met his friends and teachers again, this year's professor of Defence against the dark arts being none other than Bill Weasley! It soon became his favorite subject, and he excelled in it. But soon came the time for the quidditch captain to choose his new team members. Fergus wanted to be a seeker. He loved the feeling of chasing the snitch and finally catching it, ending the game. A week later, he received his acceptance in the team and started training with them. That year, he also met a girl named Holly, who soon became friends with him. she was a first year in Gryffindor. At the end of the year, Gryffindor won the quidditch cup, and that made the difference so they won the house cup too.

Next year was his third year, and like everyone in its third year at Hogwart, he had to choose his Electives, his optional classes. The ones he got were Divination and Care of Magical Beasts. That's were he met Hagrid, an old man that went up to at least 2 meters and who had a heart as big as that. He soon befriended him, visiting him at his hut with his friends. The year went as good as the others, and then came the fourth. His Electives were Music and Muggle Studies. That year, he joined the Dueling Club, which only accepted fourth year or older students, and quickly he was known for being pretty adamant.

After that came his fifth year, were he was made Prefect. At Hogwart, every house has 6 prefects ; a boy and a girl in their fifth, sixth and seventh year. It was an honor to be made prefect, and that meant he had more permissions,
but needed also to look for the other students and make them behave. That was also the year where he met James Potter, the son of Harry Potter, who entered Gryffindor for his first year, along with Dominique Weasley. His electives that year were Arts and Muggle Arts. At the end of the year came O.W.L.s, the exams that every fifth year students has to take. When his results came in, he was delighted ; he only had O's and E's, which were the best grades you could get. He got O's in Defence against the dark arts, charms and transfiguration, and got E's in his other classes.

In his sixth year, he chose to pursue his studies in all of his subjects for his N.E.W.T.'s, which would take place at the end of his seventh year. Still a prefect and now captain of the Quidditch Team, he had a big year, since he really wanted to beat Hufflepuff in the quidditch and house cups, for Teddy's last year at Hogwart. He also chose 3 electives that year : Arithmancy, Magical Theory and Ghoul Studies. At the end of the year, they managed to win the house cup, but Teddy's team won the quidditch cup. During the summer, after learning that he would be head boy during his final year at Hogwart, Fergus promised himself to win the House cup AND the Quidditch Cup. He would go down in history.

He can't wait for this year to start. He'll meet Albus-Severus Potter and Rose Granger Weasley too.

-> Personnality :

Character : Curious, he likes to handle things on his own but has a tendency to ignore some rules for it.
Qualities : Good at not being noticed when breaking the rules, and a pretty good quidditch player / scholar.
Flaws : His curiosity and his confidence sometimes get too big.
Passions : Quidditch and dueling
Fears : Gryffindor losing the house or the quidditch cup
Alignement : Good
Particularities :He likes freedom, and feels it strongly when flying.

-> Stuff :

Wand : Pine wand with a phoenix wing feather as a core. It is 13¾ inches long and has a brittle flexibility.
Broomstick : A nimbus 2001 that he enchanted to be as fast and as efficient as a Firebolt.
Clothes : Appart from his usual hogwart's uniform, he wears button-up shirts and trench-coats with jeans, and black or brown leather boots. He has woolen gloves that are old and cut.
Unique abilities : He has started to study Occlumency and Legilimency (the arts of reading minds and blocking one from reading his mind, respectively). He is also training to become an animagus.
Particularities : None, appart from his pretty unique broomstick.

Fergus Black

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